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Kitchens have become one of the most important rooms in our modern homes; here at iCan-d we recognize this and have all of the resources available to design and create the kitchen of your dreams. We know the difficulties and inconveniences of a kitchen renovation for you and your family and that is why we are fully committed to providing you a seamless installation process, guaranteeing efficiency and quality. Although you will find tradition at the heart of every iCan-d kitchen, each and every one of our kitchens is designed and installed using a modern and innovative approach.

iCan-d looks at all aspects of kitchen design and cabinet design so that both beauty and functionality are built in. We make the process a stress-free experience, from the time you receive your obligation free quote until your kitchen or cupboards are complete.



Professional Advice

iCan-d will, at absolutely no cost to you, have one of our experienced design consultants contact you and offer you professional advice on your specific requirements for your new kitchen or cabinet designs. The consultant will guide you from start to finish and manage the entire kitchen renovation process, including liaising with other contractors involved in the renovation project.


Artists impressions of your very own unique kitchen, bathroom vanity or cupboard design will be designed in either full colour or as line drawings to provide you with a taste of the final product. Colour co-ordination is prepared from a variety of options. We use professional kitchen design software to create your dream cabinetry solutions.


Trained, experienced and professional installation and renovation teams are used by iCan-d during your remodelling project to ensure that optimum standards are met.

Planning & Project Management

This is an intricate part of the remodelling process to ensure that production and installation teams work together. iCan-d co-ordinates with all of the contractors involved, either directly or indirectly. Timing is important to ensure a steady flow to any project.