Country and Classic Kitchens

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Country- and Classic- Style Designer Kitchens will give you a more modern look and feel, bringing in some stainless steel, glass, modern handles and granite to quarts countertops with a timeless design appeal ensuring your enjoyment and admiration thereof for years to come.



Country and Classic Kitchens with a Modern Twist

Country & Classic Style Kitchens and cupboards have a timeless design appeal, and you’ll continue to enjoy these classic kitchens as much as you did the day they were put into your home.

Various décor items that complement the Modern Classic and Country kitchens include neutral coloured terra-cotta tiles, black pendant lights, a cast-iron stove, a long wooden table with white washed woods and texture, inclusion of facebrick walls, screed flooring, a butler sink, colours that add a pop of shabby chic, jam jars or even cups for a country vibe or stick to elegant vases for a more traditional look.

The various Door profiles that suit your Classic or Country kitchen and Cupboard styles include: Duco coloured doors, paint-technique, solid wood doors and cost effective wrap doors.