High Gloss Kitchen Designs

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We have a range of high gloss acrylic laminate & textured materials for a High Gloss Kitchen Design from Seno that is imported from Austria. Seno laminates the acrylic onto 16mm MDF and the board has a white melamine backer All the Seno colours are available from textured board to High gloss. High Gloss Kitchen colours are available in 32mm as well as double faced.



Seno and Niemann SA High Gloss Kitchen Designs

We also offer the full range from Niemann SA. All the Niemann colours are available, from Textiled, Embossed board to Poly gloss, ploy matt and Acrylux High gloss products. High Gloss kitchen designs are made to revive the nostalgic fashions of the past.

Retro kitchen & Cupboards to Contemporise, futuristic designs can be used to complete the picture of today’s creative retro kitchens. Rigorous volumes and large surfaces make the most of gloss materials and textured sensations. Shine and colour interpret a modern style in a fresh way.

DO NOT use thinners on the board at any stage.