Kitchen Countertops

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iCan-d has various kitchen and bathroom countertop options available to our clients of which includes Manufactured Quartz Stone countertops like Ceasarstone, Café Quartz, etc.; Natural Granite and Marble countertops; Solid Wood countertops; Wood Veneer and Postform (Formica) countertops.



Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Engineered Quartz Stone products contain over 90% crushed Quartz with a polymer resin. They are manufactured into slabs using the Breton process. Various colours are available, and prices differ according to the colour options and/or brand. Quartz tops are resistant to stains, cracks and scratches.

Natural Granites and Marbles are natural stone products that are hewn from quarries and are among the most popular countertop materials used.

Hardwoods are the better options for countertops as they are more durable. These include Meranti, Oak, Walnut, Kiaat and Beech to name a few. Solid wood countertops consist of thinner planks that are laminated together to form a board. This ensures the strength of the wood and prevents bending and cracking from occurring.

Wood Veneer countertops are those with a layer of natural wood laminated to chipboard and edged with the matching solid wood. These are not recommended for any surfaces that are in close proximity to water, they are, however, perfectly suitable for bedroom and study countertops.

Postform or Formica tops are high pressure melamine laminates on chipboard. There are numerous colour options available, with some being direct matches to the Melamine doors.